Guided tours

Tours in the permanent exhibitions

The museum offers tours in the permanent exhibitions as well as in the temporary exhibitions.

Tours can be booked by calling +45 20 75 19 99 on Wednesdays between 9.00-17.00 or by writing to Please contact us other days on email.

Tours in Danish
Price: 900 DKK. A tour is for a maximum of 30 people per guide. Admission fee is paid separately.
Tours after 5pm and weekends: 1000 DKK.

Tours in English
Price: 1000 DKK. A tour is for a maximum of 30 people per guide. Admission fee is paid separately.
Tours after 5pm and weekends: 1200 DKK.

Tours for school groups: see Education and learning

Udstillingen Learning from Japan / Design: Designbolaget

Learning from Japan

Designmuseum Danmark has a unique collection of Japanese art. The museum has over the past 125 years collected Japanese art for inspiration for Danish craftsmen and designers. Join us on a journey through the exhibition and learn more about what Danish craft and design have learned from the Japanese tradition.

Photo: Casper Sejersen. Design: Designbolaget

Fashion & Fabric

Embark on an exciting journey into the history of fashion and textiles from Hedebo needlework and hair-on-silk embroidery to Haute Couture. In 2014, Designmuseum Danmark opened a new, permanent fashion and fabric exhibition. On this guided tour we zoom in on some of the objects in the exhibition and different time’s body ideals and trends.

Foto: Pernille Klemp

Danish Design Now

Danish Design Now represents a selection of contemporary Danish design within the entire spectrum: furniture, product design, graphic design, fashion, and design in the public space. All objects are designed in the 21st Century by leading and talented Danish designers. Danish Design Now reflects present times’ multiplicity of new designers and craftsmen as well as tendencies, life style choices, and technological innovations.

Photo: Pernille Klemp

The Danish Chair

The Danish Chair is a wunderkammer of chairs. In the exhibition Designmuseum Danmark tells the story of how Danish design turned into an international mega brand. Guests can embark on a scenic journey of the many types of chairs, which draw a picture of the 20th-century Danish success story and export adventure known as Danish Modern.

Photo: Designmuseum Danmark

Design Icons

What is a design icon? And can a vacuum cleaner also be an icon? Join us on an exciting tour of the museum’s various exhibitions where we will explore different design icons. View or review the Seagull service, hear the story behind the Carlsberg label and find out which machine goes by the name The Bumblebee.

Last updated 18.04.2017

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