Podwalk in the Frederiksstaden

Go for a walk and listen to the fascinating story of the part of Copenhagen called ‘Frederiksstaden’.

Many know the Copenhagen area ‘Frederiksstaden’ as where The Designmuseum is, but few know the fascinating story of how the area came into being.

You can experience the history of the area by downloading the pod walk to your mobile phone / smartphone or MP3 player and print a map of the city. You will be guided through ‘Frederiksstaden’, and at the same time learn the story about how the streets were brought into being, the story of the palaces and palace square. At the same time you will see the most remarkable rococo buildings.

Download the Podwalk. (In Danish!)

The podwalk is produced by Saxo Institute, University of Copenhagen in cooperation with the Designmuseum and in association with the Golden Days festival.

Last updated 17.09.2013

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