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Every year, Designmuseum Danmark loans many works to exhibitions at Danish and foreign museums and exhibition venues. This represents an important exchange and dissemination of the Museum’s collections and of design-oriented knowledge in both a Danish and an international context.

The Museum does not loan works to private individuals.

Application for loans
Museums wishing to borrow works from Designmuseum Danmark must submit a written loan application, which will be processed within three weeks. The loan application must contain the following information:

• A description of the desired work/s together with artist, title, date, and inventory number.
• Exhibition dates and description of the concept and artistic aim of the exhibition.
• A completed facility report, which is available for download in the menu to the left.
Conditions for the loan are given below.

To meet our many inquiries, Designmuseum Danmark must receive the written loan application as soon as possible.
For international and national loans, no later than 6 months prior to the scheduled opening of the exhibition, Designmuseum Danmark must have received the written loan application.

Processing of an application
The Registrar of Designmuseum Danmark is responsible for loan cases, and collects and communicates information between Designmuseum Danmark and the loan applicant. The Registrar and the Museum’s curators of the relevant collection areas process every loan application. They assess the possibilities of accommodating the wishes of the potential borrower.
The aim is to keep the loan applicant informed during the processing of the case. However, the quantity of loan cases may mean that the overall information will not be given until the loan application is fully completed and the loan finally agreed.

In the event of a loan being refused, applicants will of course be informed as quickly as possible. If extra agreements are necessary for the loan to be implemented, these will be established as early as possible in the processing of the case. Agreements might, for example, relate to special circumstances surrounding the desired work. Or the facilities of the loan applicant might result in taking extra precautions in relation, for example, to climate control or protection of the work.

Reasons for refusal
Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate all loan applications, and reasons for refusal might be as follows:
• The loan application does not comply with the stipulated deadlines.
• The loan application does not contain the necessary material as described.
• The borrower’s facilities do not meet the requirements of Designmuseum Danmark, and no joint solution can be arrived at to solve the conditions.
• On the basis of concerns related to conservation, the work is considered unsuitable for lending.
• The desired work is indispensable to Designmuseum Danmark’s permanent exhibitions.

The loan contract
When the loan application has been completed, the loan will be finally agreed with a countersigned and binding loan contract. The Registrar signs the loan contract as the representative of Designmuseum Danmark and sends the loan, together with a copy, to the borrower, who signs and returns one copy.
The loan contract contains the general loan conditions for Designmuseum Danmark and also provides information about the loaned work’s insurance amount and any individually agreed conditions.
The loan contract is a confidential document between Designmuseum Danmark and the borrower.
In addition to the signed loan contract, the Registrar of loans must receive an insurance policy for the loaned work. The borrower must also organise transport of the work and any courier arrangements in conjunction with a transport agent approved by Designmuseum Danmark.
Please note that transportation of works from Designmuseum Danmark to the borrower may not take place until 14 days prior to the start of the exhibition. Return transport after the end of the exhibition must take place no later than 14 days after the exhibition has been closed to the public.

In accordance with the agreement, any loans from Designmuseum Danmark are subject to an administrative fee. The amount partly covers: the Museum’s administration in connection with the loan case; conservation-related examination of the work; completion of a survey report; and other expenses related to preparation of a loan. In the event of a large number of items, this amount may be increased. This will be clarified at an early stage in the process, so that the borrower is aware of the amount.

The cost of insuring the loaned work and transport costs are incumbent on the borrower. The borrower also pays any courier expenses in terms of transport, hotel accommodation and per diems/meals.
In the event of any extraordinary requirement (e.g. conservation, installation etc.), it may be necessary for Designmuseum Danmark to charge an additional payment in connection with a loan. Such costs will be agreed at an early stage in the processing of the loan application, so that both parties are in agreement about the terms and the size of the amounts, before the loan contract is signed.

Last updated 17.03.2015

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