Learning from Japan

From 8 October 2015 - 24 September 2017

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Learning from Japan / Design: Designbolaget

In 2015, Designmuseum Danmark celebrates its 125-year’s anniversary. From the beginning, the museum has had a strong focus on Japanese design as inspiration for Danish art and industrial design. Exquisite Japanese applied art added an extraordinary boost to Danish arts and crafts around the turn of the century. The fascination stayed through the 20th century and today the connection between Japanese and Danish design is still vigorous.
The exhibition will present both the museum’s world-class Japanese collection as well as Danish handicrafts, design, posters and graphic art with inspiration from Japan. All the museum’s different groups of materials will be present, including objects that have rarely been on display.

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In relation to the exhibition, the museum will plan a list of events. Stay updated on these via our newsletter.

Photo: Pernille Klemp

Photo: Pernille Klemp

Photo: Pernille Klemp

Last updated 19.04.2017

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