The Porcelain Collection

Permanent exhibition

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Studiesamlingen interiør
The porcelain collection, Interior

From its foundation in 1890 up to the present day, Designmuseum Danmark has acquired around 3000 ceramic works from the period 1700-1880. More than 120 factories are represented in the rich collections which illustrate the development of the European ceramic culture, from the earliest endeavours to true industrial production.

Studiesamlingen fajance porcelæn
The porcelain collection, Interior

Many important works are included in the museum’s permanent exhibitions. In the porcelain collection, all the other holdings have been made accessible to the public as an open storage and study area. The setting-up of the porcelain collection with its respective database has been made possible thanks to a generous donation from The Oak Foundation.

Last updated 17.10.2016

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