Furnitureindex.dk is a public-access record of Danish furniture from the 20th and 21st century. It was founded by the US enthusiasts Marilyn Arnold Palley and Reese Palley and has been developed further by Designmuseum Danmark.

Reese Palley worked for Just Lunning during the 1950s and helped bring Danish design into American homes. Reese Palley has also owned a number of shops in the USA which decorated homes with Danish high-quality furniture. Marilyn Arnold Palley is a weaver and has spent time in Denmark studying. In 2000 the couple began to collect information about and images of Danish furniture from the 20th and 21st centuries. To begin with, this data collection was carried out con amore. The only requirement was that the furniture in question had to be designed by a Danish cabinet-maker or designer. The idea was to develop a reference work which could benefit dealers, auction houses, collectors, museums, historicists, and design students all over the world. The Palleys visited Danish museums, libraries, auction houses, design schools, architects, and furniture manufacturers in search of documentation.

At the end of 2001, the database comprised 10,000 pieces of furniture and 800 interiors. The Realdania Foundation then acquired the database and arranged for the Danish Museum of Art & Design to make it available on the Internet and to edit and develop it. The Library at the Danish Museum of Art & Design has developed records of search term which facilitate more than 100 different ways of searching for furniture. The database was made available on the Internet in May 2003. The museum is still working to improve and expand the database. Furnitureindex.dk is a work in progress; much information and many images have not yet been verified, but the database is continually being improved with help from users (click Feedback).

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