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Furnitureindex er en database, der indeholder informationer om møbler designet af danske arkitekter og designere fra det 20. og 21. århundrede. Basen indeholder over 12.000 møbler og interiører, som kan søges frem ved en variation af muligheder, samt korte biografier af designere. Basen bliver hele tiden udviklet og vedligeholdt.



About Furnitureindex is a record of Danish furniture from the 20th and 21st centuries, containing searchable information about and images of more than 12,000 pieces of furniture. The record is updated and developed on an ongoing basis.

All images and information available at or via is presented “as is”. While the materials are accurate to the best of the contributors’ knowledge, the Danish Museum of Art & Design cannot guarantee that these materials are entirely complete and accurate. The museum accepts no liability for action taken on the basis of information from this database.

Furnitureindex was founded by the US enthusiasts Marilyn Arnold Palley and Reese Palley and has been developed further by Designmuseum Danmark.

In 2000 the couple began to collect information about and images of Danish furniture the only requirement was that the furniture in question had to be designed by a Danish cabinet-maker or designer.

The Realdania Foundation acquired the database in 2001 and arranged Designmuseum Danmark to make it available on the Internet and to edit and develop it. The database was made available on the Internet in May 2003. is a work in progress; much information and many images have not yet been verified, but the database is continually being improved with help from users.