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Design festival

3daysofdesign at Designmuseum Danmark

Welcome to 3daysofdesign!

As part of the design festival 3daysofdesign, you can take part in a series of talks, exhibitions, film screenings and other activities at Designmuseum Denmark on 12-14 June. Here, you can meet designers, architects, artists, and creative firms working on future challenges, sustainable solutions, and craftsmanship. These are people who ‘Dare to Dream,’ as this year’s headline for 3daysofdesign states.

What is 3daysofdesign?

3daysofdesign has been taking place since 2013 and spans across Copenhagen. The festival is considered Scandinavia’s most important design festival and more than 250 brands exhibit during the festival.

It is free and open to everyone to participate, and there is no need to register. Only the museum’s own exhibitions require a ticket.


During the festival, the museum will host a series of talks, product launches, and debates over all three days. Here is the link to the program for the days at Designmuseum Denmark:

This is happening on Wednesday, June 12th

This is happening on Thursday, June 13th

This is happening on Friday, June 14th

Below, you can find inspiration from selected events in the program.

Circular Furniture Days

In the museum’s green garden, ‘Circular Furniture Days’ brings together pioneers in sustainable business models, collaborations, and networks that benefit both businesses and the broader climate agenda.

Petal pavillon

During 3daysofdesign, you can also experience the six-meter-high pavilion PETAL created by Lasovsky Johansson Architects (Juras Lasovsky and Hanna Johansson) in the museum’s garden. The pavilion, originally developed for the CHART art fair in 2023 as an example of beautiful, functional, and responsibly sustainable design, is being reconstructed here for the first time. The large structure is crafted from simple lounge chairs assembled into a cylinder that, like a flower, can open and close depending on whether it’s day or night.

Pop-up with Helle Mardahl​

In a fun and colorful collaboration with Danish glass artist Helle Mardahl, guests can explore a universe of beautiful glass objects – all unique and mouth-blown.

Danish Modern

Inside the museum, the newly opened exhibition ‘Danish Modern’ unfolds the history of Danish design, with a special focus on some of the greatest Danish designers of the 20th century.

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