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In Danish: DKK 1.000 + admission
Weekend: DKK 1.100 + admission
Outside of normal opening hours: special price

In English: DKK 1.100 + admission
Weekend: DKK 1.200 + admission
Outside of normal opening hours: special price

All participants in the guided tour must also pay an admission fee.

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Book a private tour. Designmuseum Danmark is a wonderful place to visit for both young and old. Get close to the museum, exhibits and collections with our tours for private groups. With a tour, you will get even more out of your visit. Tours are for groups of up to 30.

Book and pay for your guided tour and admission

The tours last a standard 60 minutes and can take place during the museum’s usual opening hours, or outside those hours for an extra fee. Get in touch and we can discuss something that suits your needs. See our theme tours below.

Creme de la creme

Guided Tour – 60 minutes: Experience the museum’s exclusive selection of international masterpieces from the our collections many of which have rarely or never been shown. The tour includes distinctive pioneering works within art and design as well as the hidden stories of the masterpieces and artists behind.

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The Danish Chair

Guided Tour – 60 minutes: Join us for a magic trip through a world of chairs. We tell the story of how Danish design became an international megabrand. We also talk about how the iconic chair is  “An international affair” where international inspiration can be seen in the story of the chair’s development, from ancient Japan to modernist functionalism and on to contemporary style.

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Danish Design Now

Guided Tour – 60 minutes: Get close to the Danish designers and hear more about the trends and themes that define Danish design in the 21st century. Danish Design Now presents a rich selection of contemporary Danish design across a wide spectrum: furniture, product design, fashion, and design for public spaces.

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Learning From Japan

Guided Tour – 60 minutes: Designmuseum Danmark has a unique collection of Japanese art. Over the past 125 years, the museum has collected Japanese art as a form of inspiration for Danish craftsmen and designers. Join us on a journey through the exhibit and find out more about what Danish crafts and design have learned from the Japanese tradition.

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Design icons

Guided tour – 60 minutes: What is a design icon? Can a vacuum cleaner be an icon? Come along on an exciting tour around the museum’s various exhibits, where we will examine various design icons. See the famous Mågestellet porcelain, hear the story behind the PH lamp and find out which machine is known as “the bumble bee.”

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Fashion & Fabric

Guided Tour – 60 minutes: Come along on an exciting trip through the history of fashion and textiles from peasant-style lace and silk embroidery to Haute Couture. On this guided tour we will focus on the many fun and quirky objects in the collection and look at the varied body ideals and trends over time.

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Free tours: Wednesday and Sunday

Every Wednesday and Sunday we offer free tours in both Danish and English.

You do not have to sign up in advance, but make sure to be there a few minutes before the tour starts.

The tours are free with admission.

See our calendar: What’s on

Groups on their own

We have a large number of visitors, and we want to make sure they all enjoy the museum. That’s why we ask groups of 10 or more people to reserve time for their visit in advance, in order to avoid waiting time.

Send a suggestion for a date, and we’ll confirm that there is room for you on that day:

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