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We make our collections and resources available to everyone who wants to learn more about design, craftsmanship and handicrafts. Look in our database of books, periodicals and materials you can touch – and learn more further down the page about our unique collections.

Book collection

The book collection includes Danish and international books, periodicals and other printed materials, as well as product catalogues, brochures, exhibition and auction catalogues, photos, carpet and textile sample books.

The reading room can be used by all users and students. There are 24 reading places and a wireless network for laptop computers. Near the library there is a café and, during the summer months, access to a lovely garden.

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Archive for Danish Design

The archive includes drawings, drawing archives and other graphic materials from Danish artists, craftspeople and designers.

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Poster collection

The collections document the commercial, cultural and political development in the history of the poster, both in Denmark and around the world, starting from the boom in the creation of posters during the 1800s to today.

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Furniture index

The furniture index is a database that contains furniture designed by Danish architects and designers from the 20th and 21st century. The database contains more than 12,000 pieces of furniture and interiors that can be searched for using a variety of parameters, as well as short biographies of designers. The database is constantly being developed and maintained.
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The library has over 100 different periodicals, dating from the middle of the 1700s to today. The periodicals cover fashion, textiles, graphics, ceramics, glass and furniture. Here you can see a list of the more than 70 periodicals our library currently subscribes to:

Periodicals we subscribe to (PDF) (In Danish)

The latest issue of many of the periodicals is available in the reading room, while we can fetch older issues and older periodicals from our storage area. You can order photocopies of the periodicals or photograph them yourself.

Fashion magazines and periodicals

The library has a large collection of older and newer fashion magazines and theoretical publications about fashion and tailoring. Read more in our guide:

Fashion in the library(In Danish)