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Press release 25.08.2021



Head of Communications Mille Maria Steffen-Nielsen


As part of the design festival 3daysofdesign September 16-18, Designmuseum Danmark will open the first of the museum’s newly renovated exhibition areas for just three days and offer talks and activities. Here you can meet designers, architects, artists, and creative companies working with some of the future’s greatest challenges within sustainable solutions, circular design, activism, and crafts. As a part of the program the museum – in cooperation with the Danish Arts Foundation – invites you to three morning talks, including an event where you can meet the acclaimed Indian architect Anapuma Kundoo.

Three morning talks focus on design in a future perspective

Come and join us for 3daysofdesign, when Designmuseum Danmark and the Danish Arts Foundation invite you to three morning talks that take on the contemporary and future design agenda. Learn more about the interplay between welfare and aesthetics, the sustainable society and much more – all seen from a design perspective. We are bringing together experts, opinion leaders, and stakeholders who over three days will share their experiences and enter into dialogue. Participation is free, but please sign up online as soon as possible, as there are a limited number of tickets.

Read more about the three talks and sign up here:

Exhibition on the museum plaza

On the plaza in front of the museum, you can enjoy a pop-up installation in our custom-built display cases, both during and after the 3daysofdesign. Get a sneak peek of the ongoing transformation of our buildings – stand on your tiptoes and look into the peephole at one of the museum’s upcoming exhibitions: “The Future is Present”, which is part of a new exhibition program for when the museum opens in July 2022. The plaza pop-up installation is imagined as an invitation to the public, available for viewing 24/7, an open window at a time when the museum is otherwise closed.

Circular Furniture Days – Lifestyle and Design Cluster

The national business group Lifestyle & Design Cluster is again behind an event that focuses on circular solutions during 3daysofdesign.

This year companies working in furniture and interior design will present their versions of circular design. Chairs, carpets, lamps, home design, exciting use of alternative materials – all based on sustainable and circular components. Several “Speaker’s Circles” will give the audience a chance to sign up for guided tours in which the companies can present their products.

In connection with Circular Furniture Days we will establish a platform for “talks” and interactive debates in which we focus on selected and current topics within the furniture industry. Here you can meet and hear more about inspiring first-mover and disruptive companies and discuss the challenges relating to circular design as well as possible solutions. There will also be an opportunity to present and go deeper into cases from the event itself.

Read more and sign up for the event here: