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How to receive a Danish tax deduction for supporting us:
Any donation over DK200 is tax deductible in Denmark if you give us your CPR or CVR number. We will take care of the reporting to the Danish tax authorities and guarantee full discretion and secure storage of all your personal data.

Today we generate a large percentage of our budget through out own efforts, and your help can make a very big difference in our work as a government-recognised special museum.
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Good design should be shared: Since the museum was founded, donations and endowments have meant a great deal to the museum’s collections and development. Donations can consist of either money or design works that the museum would like to inherit.

You can receive a tax deduction from your contribution and be part of creating unique design experiences. Just DK 200 can make a big difference for us. Your support helps create world-class collections and design exhibits. Thanks for your help – it benefits everyone!

An angel for the collection

“Only Angels Have Wings” by Nikoline Liv Andersen is one of the works we have acquired with help from donations that have come via our home page. The dress is now part of the museum’s collection and can be seen in the exhibit Dansk Design Now.

Donate works to the collection

Generous gifts strengthen the Design Museum’s collection. Another way to support us is to donate works that you would like to give to the design museum’s collection. In 2016 the museum inherited a “Cargo Bike” from Biomega, donated as a gift from the producer. It is now part of the collection and can be enjoyed by the public as a part of the exhibit Danish Design Now.

Thank you to all of our generous donors

“Since it was founded, Designmuseum Danmark has been dependent on its generous donors. Our collection is built on the principle that we are making good design and good craftsmanship accessible for the future.

“Today every krone of your support goes towards collecting the works of Denmark’s most influential and talented designers and helping make our collections secure for the future.”

– Anne-Louise Sommer, Museum Director