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6 design icons by female designers

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Meet in the museum entrance hall

Free as part of the entrance fee

Design, art and industrial production has historically been the men’s domain both in Denmark and internationally. In 1876 the Drawing School for Women was established by the Danish Women’s Society in Copenhagen and in time it paved the way for female artists and designers who later on got recognized for their work and made a living out of it, designers like Fanny Garde, Effie Hegermann-Lindencrone, Nanna Ditzel, Grete Jalk, Gutte Eriksen, Cecilie Manz and Karen Kjeldgård-Larsen who you will learn much more about on this special guidet tour.

Curator Trine Halle, our newest employee at Designmuseum Danmark, will guide you on this tour. Trine is a historian specializing in museology and was previously employed at Magasin du Nord Museum and M/S Maritime museum. Trine is also a regular in the Danish TV show ‘Historiequizzen’, so she’s always ready for a question or two! Her big passion and knowledge of this subject is not to be mistaken.

Celebrate the Women’s International Day with us and learn more about women in Danish design history.

How do I join in?
This tour is free as long as you have paid for admission to the collections. There are a limited number of places available, and no reservations are allowed. First come, first served