Pop-up exhibition

LET'S PLAY - hummel's 100 years of iconic football jerseys 

17 Nov - 3 Dec 2023

On the occasion of hummel’s 100th anniversary, Designmuseum Danmark is exhibiting the iconic Denmark 1986 World Cup jersey, as a look into the cultural and design history of the national team jersey. In a smaller pop-up exhibition entitled LET’S PLAY – hummel’s 100 years of iconic football jerseys, the audience can experience the original jersey that was played with in 1986 and enter hummel’s design universe from 1986 until today.

The jersey is today recognized as an iconic sports design, where sports, fashion and design history meet. Today, the foldball shirt almost has the status of a national costume, symbolizing community, fan culture and the story of the small country that, against all odds, played on in the World Cup and won the hearts of the audience.

The story of hummel is the story of the little bumble bee that took to the wings in 1923 and has since become a major international sports brand. Since the 1970s, Danish fans and football players have worn hummel’s jerseys, and the original design from 1986 can today be seen at football clubs all over the world.

The pop-up exhibition LET’S PLAY – hummel’s 100 years of iconic football jerseys will be on display from 17 November to 3 December 2023 in the exhibition space adjacent to the museum café. It is free to visit the exhibition.

Play football in the museum garden
During the entire exhibition period for LET’S PLAY – hummel’s 100 years with iconic football jerseys, small so-called ‘panna’ football pitches have been set up in Designmuseum Danmark’s green garden. Here you can challenge your friend, someone from your family or your schoolmate to a football battle, where you compete against each other one on one.