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Bauhaus Gymnastics

Saturday at 9:15 am on

Time: 9:15-10:00 pm.

Place: The museum courtyard ‘Grønnegården’. We will meet at in the museum fronthall.

Price: 75 DKK.

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Kick-off your Saturday with some Bauhaus gymnastics in our courtyard before the museum opens.

The 45-minute gymnastics programme is inspired by Oscar Schlemmer’s ’Bauhaus dances’ which was a series of lecture dances from 1927-1929 at the Bauhaus school. The exercises are based on simple gestures and everyday movements like walking sitting and jumping. People of all ages can join.

The gymnastics are taught by Stina Strange Thue or Jens Schyth Brøndum who are both from the Danish dance company ’DeLeónCompany’.

Bring clothing and shoes that you can move in.