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Bauhaus Marionette Theater

Saturday at 6:00 pm on

Saturday 01/06 at 6pm

Designmuseum Danmark

150 Dkk

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Come and experience the German puppeteer and director Christian Fuchs plays the performance “The Adventures of the little Hunchback” at Designmuseum Denmark.

In 1923, students experimented with the Bauhaus school’s stage workshop in Weimar with puppet theater and dolls led by Oskar Schlemmer. Among other things, they planned to do the Arabic folk tale “The Adventures of The Little Hunchback” from the collection “1001 Night’s Adventures”, which they would also designe the dolls. However, the performance was never performed, but now you have the opportunity to see how it might have looked.

The performance is performed by producer and puppeteer Christian Fuchs, accompanied by Claudia Buder on the accordion, with copies of the original dolls created by puppeteer Peter Lutz in 2015.

The performance is in English and is made possible with support from the Sportgoodsfonden.