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Workshop - Bauhaus figurines

Sunday at 1:00 pm on


No registration is required.

20 DKK for material kit. Kits can be bought in our ticket sale.

Did you know that there are 230 joints and 206 bones in the human body?

In this workshop we will explore the human anatomy and how the body, movement and geometry work together.

We will replace bones with wooden blocks in geometrical shapes and create joints using strings and knots. This way you can build your very own Bauhaus-figurine, joint by joint.

About our Workshops on Sundays and holidays
The workshops are an offer for everyone who wants to try working with design and creative processes. The theme of the workshops always take inspiration from one of the museum’s current exhibitions and they offer a hands-on experience in our Design Workshop, where you design a small object and bring it home after your visit.

The workshops are open every sunday and on holidays.