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Workshop PH kites

Sunday at 1:00 pm on

Sunday 20.10.2019
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Design Workshop
Designmuseum Danmark


Poul Henningsen was a lamp-maker, multi-media artist, culture critic and creative adult with a childish glee at making things. As part of his lifelong fascination with kites, he studied their history, built them, and wrote about them in the 1955 book, “P.H.’s Kite Book.”

The diamond-shaped kite is the most common kite all over the world. In Denmark, however, it is called “The Danish kite.” Its construction is simple and it flies very well.

In this workshop, you will be able to build your own diamond-shaped kite. We have all the instructions and materials you’ll need: string, sticks, paper for the kite itself and it’s “tail.” To build a kite is a co-operative effort that two, three, or more people can work together on, and it’s a challenge for very age.

About our Workshops on Sundays and holidays
The workshops are an offer for everyone who wants to try working with design and creative processes. The theme of the workshops always take inspiration from one of the museum’s current exhibitions and they offer a hands-on experience in our Design Workshop, where you design a small object and bring it home after your visit.

The workshops are open every sunday and on holidays.