What's going on

Quilt in Public Designmuseum Danmark

Saturday at 10:00 am on

Saturday 17 June 10am-4pm

Grønnegården, Designmuseum Danmark, Bredgade 68

Participation in the event is free. Start-up kits will be sold for DK25 apiece. Entrance to the museum collections must be paid separately.

Many people are familiar with quilting and patchwork as something from their grandparents’ generation. But in recent years the colourful blankets have had a revival and are very popular at the moment. But how are quilts made? And what can you learn from sewing your own blanket?

Everyone can learn more on Saturday, 17 June, when Designmuseum Danmark opens its doors to the international “Quilt in Public” day. Members of the Danish Patchwork Association will create an open-air workshop in the Grønnegården. You can experience quilts in a variety of colours and patterns, and if you would like to sew a little yourself, you can purchase a start-up kit and get help getting started from some skilled quilt enthusiasts. There is room for both children and adults, and you don’t need any experience to get involved in the ancient quilting tradition.

About Quilt in Public

Quilt in Public is a day when many creative quilters from around the world meet in public spaces to share knowledge and enthusiasm for their passion and hobby. Patchwork and quilting is an ancient tradition that is also a useful craft, repurposing small bits of fabric to create a personal work of art. Quilting is also a practical way of holding many layers together.

On Saturday 17 June, come join us for “Quilt in public” at Designmuseum Danmark, where you can meet representatives of the Danish Patchwork Association’s local chapters, including Sokkelund Quilterne and the Grønne Quiltere.