Workshop - Christmas

Sunday at 1:00 pm on

Sunday 01.12.2019
No new guests after 15.00

Design Workshop
Designmuseum Danmark

20 DKK

Tickets can be bought at the entrance
The workshop closes for new participants at 3:30PM

This December discarded textiles will get a new chance at life when we make colorful garlands for the Christmas tree. This workshop will give you hands-on experience with reusing textiles, and we will try to consider one of the world’s most voluminous types of trash as a new and useful resource. We will work with the color pallet provided by the discarded textiles, and make conscious choices when designing our own unique color stories. By engaging with the textiles mindfully and with care, we can make them relevant and valuable again. And we can decorate our homes and Christmas trees with beautiful and sustainable fabric garlands, that can be used again and again.

About our Workshops on Sundays and holidays
The workshops are an offer for everyone who wants to try working with design and creative processes. The theme of the workshops always take inspiration from one of the museum’s current exhibitions and they offer a hands-on experience in our Design Workshop, where you design a small object and bring it home after your visit.

The workshops are open every sunday and on holidays.