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workshop Masks

Thursday at 1:00 pm on

Sunday 09.02.2020
No new guests after 15.30

Design Workshop
Designmuseum Danmark

20 DKK per person

With inspiration from the museum’s collection of Japanese “tsubas”, you can design your very own and unique animal mask.

On the sword of the samurai, the beautiful tsubas protects the hand. In the 20th Century exhibition you can see all the Tsubas and the beautiful animals that adorn them.

The Samurai believed that the energy of the animal was transferred to the sword, and then to the bearer of the sword. Maybe you can also transform yourself into the animal your mask represents? We use textiles, leather, paper, plastic, feathers, fur, sequins and much more to create our animal masks.

About our Workshops on Sundays and holidays
Our family workshops are for families with children at the age of five and older. They always take inspiration from one of the museum’s current exhibitions and they offer a hands-on workshop in our Design Workshop, where you design a small object and bring it home after your visit.