Past exhibition: A space with changing exhibitions about CONTEMPORARY DESIGN


Welcome to an exhibition about design now! AKUT shows what is stirring on the design scene right now, and offers new perspectives on design, arts and crafts. AKUT will show design with courage, resources, power, empathy and community spirit to challenge our habits and create ambitious changes.

AKUT will present a series of special exhibitions, showing cutting edge designs and designers who are working on solving some of the global changes that affect us all.


Our closets are full of clothes from decades of overconsumption, where we constantly buy clothes, which we rarely use or only use in a short period of time. Often it ends up in the trashcan. The quality of our growing amount of clothes has become worse in tune with the growing production of fast fashion, which takes a heavy toll on our climate as one of the most polluting industries in the world.

A new generation of designers are working hard to discover new ways of making the design processes and production around the clothes we buy more eco friendly, and make our choices as consumers more informed.

The exhibition shows designs by Lærke Bagger, Sur le Chemin Design Studio, La Femme Rousse and Artikel København – all of whom work with slow fashion, recycled materials, DIY, local production and circular business models.

The exhibition is a collaboration between Designmuseum Danmark and Else Skjold, professor at the Royal Danish Academy – Architecture, Design, Conservation, and is supported by the Danish Arts Foundation.