Welcome to an exhibition about what is happening on the design scene right now. AKUT showcases everything from trends and tendencies to design, which address current issues and provide new perspectives on design and crafts.

AKUT is a series of exhibitions that focus on the latest developments in the field of design and work with major changes that have significance for all of us. The exhibition series addresses topics where design and designers are at the center of major societal dilemmas and challenges.

Textiles have previously been a precious resource that was used, repaired, and recycled until the last fiber frayed. The tradition of recycling and repair has its roots in resource awareness, and depending on the culture and material, the textiles have acquired distinctive aesthetic expressions when they have been repaired or reassembled.

Highly current, historical techniques
Today we repair and recycle not for economic reasons, but for ethical and environmental reasons. Many people today are more critical of what they buy. They seek knowledge about the products and generally buy fewer things. The exhibition CARE & REPAIR focuses on some of the techniques that have historically been used to repair and reuse textiles. Based on Designmuseum Danmark’s rich textile collection, this AKUT exhibition provides a historical but highly topical insight into how we can protect the planet’s resources through repair and recycling.

Recycling: A trend in time
Designers and fashion designers are increasingly dealing with questions about how design objects, furniture and textiles can be reused, ‘up-cycled’ or repaired. The exhibition thus taps into a trend that is shaping the design scene right now.

The exhibition has been created in collaboration with MA in Modern Culture Nathalie Türck Østergaard.