Explore a world of patterns


Patterns are everywhere. In nature, in fashion, in our homes. Powerful Patterns is an experimental collaboration between Designmuseum Denmark and the Danish artist, fashion designer and musician, Henrik Vibskov. The exhibition explores patterns as an artform between art and design in a sensory universe that engages guests of all ages.

Patterns and rhythms are found in every aspect of our life and in recurring everyday activities. Nature is full of structures and barely visible patterns that reveal its underlying order and regularity.

In the arts, man-made patterns consist of a motif or ornament that is rhythmically repeated on a surface or form, for example on a dress. In some art forms, the pattern is frozen, as in design, visual arts, or architecture, for example in the distribution of windows or the configuration of bricks. In other art forms, the pattern is always in motion, for example in spoken word performances, dance, or music.

Throughout human history, we have felt an almost universal urge to decorate our world with patterns. Experience how patterns are an art form that everyone can enjoy, and how patterns can be both mostly aesthetic and they may carry religious, symbolic, or political messages.

Henrik Vibskov

Powerful Patterns is a collaboration with the Danish artist, fashion designer, and musician, Henrik Vibskov. The name Henrik Vibskov is not only associated with his fashion label, but also with a playful artistic universe. Vibskov’s universe is filled with tantalizing colors, shapes, and textures, inviting the audience to become immersed and use all their senses. Playing with different modes of expression and materials, Vibskov explores and challenges the fine line between art and design.

Henrik Vibskov is a professor at Kolding Design School. He has been a jury member at institutions such as Central Saint Martins in London, the IED in Madrid, and the Antwerp Royal Academy of Fine Art amongst others.