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Porcelain Study collection

Wild faience, fluted porcelain, Chinese inspiration and flowers that go berserk. We have collected a unique overview of European trends in ceramics.

In the porcelain collection, you can see famous styles, fantastic figurines, and wonderful works of art.

The collection is unique and an absolute starting point for everyone interested in an important piece of European cultural history. The many forms of porcelain show varied ways of living, fashions and tastes.

With the porcelain collection, we have created an open storage space and collection suitable for studying. Get close to a very important material that reflects the changes inspiration, interior design, and food culture in Europe.

Since it was founded in 1890, Designmuseum Danmark has been collecting ceramics, and now owns 3000 ceramic artworks from the period 1700-1880. More than 120 porcelain makers are represented in the collection, which shows the development of ceramics culture in Europe, from the first attempts to industrial production.

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The creation of the Porcelain Collection display and the related searchable database has been made possible thanks to a generous from The Oak Foundation.