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Stepping into the universe of Danish goldsmith Gitte Bjørn is like stepping into the Narnia of fine jewelry. A true fairytale of masterful craftsmanship with a fun and quirky twist. Designmuseum Danmark presents 100 unique finger rings in the first ever museum exhibition with Gitte Bjørn's jewelry.

Gold, silver, diamonds, pearls, stone and wood. Danish jewelry artist Gitte Bjørn works in both precious and natural materials, which makes her universe a wonderful journey into the little nooks and crannies of jewelry art.

She weaves in and out of the animal and plant kingdoms with great ease, and shows series of strawberry rings, spider rings, grasshopper rings and conch rings.

Like a sumptuous Spanish tapas table, a curated selection of rings from 20 series of five each, is presented on the exhibition’s five tables. TAPAS is a tribute to sublime taste, and the works bubble with new ideas, as in the series of rings designed as champagne corks.

Bon appetite!