Past exhibition

The Danish Cabinetmaker's Association

UNFOLDS opens up a whole new world of sensory impressions. See what happens with 31 woodworking experts get a chance to explore their craft. Get close up with works created just for this exhibition. You are allowed to touch all of the items on display.

The exhibit is part of the Danish Cabinetmaker's Association's 25th birthday celebration and includes 25 unique works created in line with the following rules:

– The work must be cube-shaped and measure 1:1:1
– The work should be sturdy enough to be touched by museum guests
– The cube should contain an element of silver
– The cube must be able to be opened in one way or another

A piece of furniture should be looked at through your fingers

Christian Holmsted Olesen, the Head of Exhibitions and Collections, has this to say about the exhibit:

“Everyone with a passion and understanding for woodworking knows that the best way to sense and understand a piece of furniture is by looking at it through your fingers. In this exhibit, the public has a chance to get close to works made by Denmark’s most talented woodworkers. You can touch them and expand them, which is unusual for a museum exhibit. Designmuseum Danmark has always made it a priority to share knowledge about good craftsmanship, and since interest in craftsmanship is now higher than it’s been for many decades, we think this exhibit comes at the right time.”

The Cabinet Maker’s dogma

Finn Killbuck, the head of the Danish Cabinet Maker’s Association, says:

“We worked with some of the dogmas that are part of the cabinetmaker’s trade history. We want to show off wood, it’s finish, its surface and the way it can be worked with on a purely craft basis that is the core of our trade. Everything we do is inspired by the material.”

For the exhibit, Killbuck himself created an interactive scent cube.

Slowing down the tempo

Cabinetmaker Teis Dich Abrahamsen discusses the thoughts behind the exhibit:

“The idea is that as a museum guest, you should slow down your tempo a bit when you enter the exhibition. You need to get close up to the wooden cubes and feel the passion in them, the many hours of love, blood, sweat, and tears put into each individual work.”

The exhibit can be experienced through 14 May 2017.