photo sales

from the collection

Do you need to reproduce images of objects from Designmuseum Denmark’s collection?

If you want to order a photograph, you must download and fill in our order form: Order photo sales – form (PDF) – and send it to us at: Then our skilled photographer will get in touch with you.

The price for non-commercial use is DKK 600,00, excluding VAT, if the image is in the archive. New photographs DKK 850,00 excluding VAT. Each order is charged a one-off “Handling fee for Designmuseum” of DKK 250,00. The handling time is 2 weeks and for new photographs 4 weeks.

If you want to use a work covered by copyright, you must state:

  • The artist’s name, the title of the work and the date
  • That the work is owned by Designmuseum Denmark
  • That the photograph was taken by the museum’s photographer, © Designmuseum Denmark Photo Pernille Klemp


  • The photograph must be reproduced uncropped, and it must not be manipulated without special agreement with the museum.
  • In connection with the reproduction, attention must be drawn to the name of the artist, the title of the work and the name of the photographer and that the work belongs to Designmuseum Denmark.
  • A copy of the publication in which the reproduction appears must be sent free of charge to the museum’s library, unless otherwise agreed.
  • The photograph must not be passed on to others, copied or used for purposes other than those stated without permission from the museum.
  • Electronic storage of the material is only permitted during the production period, i.e. all digital reproductions of the museum’s works must be deleted immediately after use.
  • The permission to use reproductions includes only the museum’s photo rights, and not the artist’s (or heirs’) copyright, if any. The museum encourages you to contact VISDA, Copenhagen. There will be a demand for an addition in the credit if the artist’s rights are administered by VISDA: