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Welcome to Designmuseum Danmark’s podcast ‘Danish design podcast’.

In this podcast you will get the story of Danish design. How Danish design became famous and how it is still growing today.

You will get to know world famous designers like Hans Wegner, Børge Mogensen and Arne Jacobsen. And how these great pioneers still inspire designers in Denmark and around the world.

You will get an understanding of the qualities that makes Danish design special. From the famous chairs from the Golden Age of Danish design to the modern solutions of today, where designers bring important issues like sustainability and environmental issues into their designs.

The start of danish design

We will talk about the beautiful old building that today houses Designmuseum Danmark, about the father of Danish design Kaare Klint and what a visitor can expect when visiting the museum today.

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Danish Modern and The golden age

We look into the key persons from the Golden Age of Danish design in the 1950’s and 60’s. From Arne Jacobsen to Børge Mogensen to Hans Wegner.

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Danish Design Now

After the golden age, what does Danish design look like in the 21st century? We look into how happiness, sustainability, environmental issues and focus on local products connects with Danish design today.

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