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Press release 02.03.2023 New exhibition at Designmuseum Denmark raises questions about the future of mink fur

In the wake of the closure of the Danish mink industry in 2020 and its recent return, Designmuseum Danmark takes stock of the controversial fur in an exhibition that shows unconventional and whimsical fur coats created by Danish and international designers.

Press release 06.04.2022 Designmuseum Danmark set to reopen after two-year renovation

Designmuseum Danmark will reopen to the public on Sunday 19 June 2022. After a two-year total renovation, guests will be able to experience eight new exhibitions that show the impressive breadth and depth of the museum’s collections.


As part of the design festival 3daysofdesign September 16-18, Designmuseum Danmark will open the first of the museum’s newly renovated exhibition areas for just three days and offer talks and activities

Press Release 15.05.20 Designmuseum Danmark does not expect to reopen in the foreseeable future

Designmuseum Danmark had its best visitor year so far in 2019, but now the corona crisis has turned the otherwise popular museum into a shadow of its former self. This means that it may take a while for the museum to reopen.

Press Release 29.01.2020 Absent Bodies

Young Nordic fashion talents raise questions about contemporary body ideals in a new exhibition at Designmuseum Danmark.

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