Anne Cathrine Wolsgaard Iversen
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From furniture to silver, ceramics, fashion, textiles and digital design: Designmuseum Danmark’s extensive collections include crafts and art and industrial design from all over the Western world, and covers the period from the late Middle Ages to today. Our beautiful collection from East Asia, primarily Japan and China, contains items from prehistoric times until the present.

Only a small percentage of the collections are on display. We are working on making the collections digitally accessible over the next few years. During the next decade, we will be focusing on collecting and documenting design and crafts from roughly 1900 until today. Below you can get a taste of the categories in our object collections. 


Cylinder, Bodil Manz, 1943

Fashion and textile design

Dress and coat, Jean Voigt, 1960s


“PK12”, Poul Kjærholm, 1962


“The Archers” vase, René Lalique, 1920s

Industrial design

“Beogram 4000” vinyl, B&O, 1972

Japanese crafts

Tsuba, Sano Naoyoshi, around 1775


Lidded turin, Royal Copenhagen Porcelain Factory, end of the 18th century

Product design

“Table lamp 4/3”, Poul Henningsen, 1927