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Copenhagen WORLD

This year, Copenhagen has been designated the World Capital of Architecture by UNESCO. Throughout the summer, Designmuseum Danmark offers a number of activities that focus on the architecture in and around the museum’s beautiful building from 1757. You can, among other things, go on city walks and experience Frederiksstaden’s historic setting and new urban design or get an insight into the museum’s unique architecture and design history in guided tours at the museum.

On this page you can read more about the design museum’s activities in connection with the Capital of Architecture 2023.


World Capital of Architecture is a new title that UNESCO-UIA awards to the city that hosts the international architecture association UIA’s World Congress.

The ambition for UNESCO-UIA World Capital of Architecture 2023 is to create global and local awareness of Copenhagen’s architecture in the broadest sense.

The UIA World Congress will be held in Copenhagen July 2023.

Read more about the World Capital of Architecture here

City walk: Frederiksstaden (In Danish)

Join us on an exciting city walk that examines the city’s design in the ‘spaces’ between the buildings in the historic district of Frederiksstaden. Together with one of Designmuseum Danmark’s guides, we take a closer look at the many iconic designs that are such an integral part of the city that you sometimes forget that they are actually design. Eg. the maintenance hole cover, the Copenhagen pavement with the cobblestone band in the middle and the Copenhagen lamp that hangs over the city’s streets.

Please note that the city walk is in Danish.

Read more and buy ticket here

Free guided tour: intro to Designmuseum Danmark and the architecture

Join one of the museum’s free Sunday tours, which throughout the month of July focus on both Danish and international design, as well as the museum’s historic architecture on the occasion of the World Capital of Architecture 2023. Through selected objects and stories, the tour provides a general introduction to the museum and the eight exhibitions. There is room for 20 people – tickets are distributed on a first-come, first-served basis among the guests who have bought a ticket to the museum.

Read more here

Trace Pavilion – Rearticulated Architectural Glass

Experience the work Trace Pavillion, which investigates the material glass and its properties as a reusable material in new built environments.

The work explores artistic design methods to reuse windows and existing glass in new contexts and spaces, with the least possible energy use, and with the highest qualitative impact on people. By processing the windows and their surface directly – without re-melting – the group behind the work explores how the material can be changed from simply being transparent to being able to diffuse, refract, intensify and tone light phenomena – and thus create different moods and sensuousness in a spatial environment.

Trace Pavilion – Rearticulated Architectural Glass
By artist Maria Sparre-Petersen, architect Isak Worre Foged and architect Vasiliki Fragkia

The work can be experienced in the museum garden from 7 June – 13 August 2023.