What's on

Culture Night

Friday at 6:00 pm on

Time: Friday  October 12th 6pm-12am.

Place: Designmuseum Danmark

Price: Entrance with Culture Pass

A night of design from around the World

Dive into our enchanting exhibitions that focus on the fascination of motives, materials and techniques from around the World.

Make your own travel journal or poster, join our embroidery bazar and learn more about our new, critically acclaimed exhibition Creme de la creme.

Welcome to a World of design where everyone can join.


Embroidery workshop

Danish design and crafts has always been inspired by techniques from around the World which has been essential for the development of Danish design.

We will make an introduction to the techniques, patterns and colors from the world of embroidery. Bring your piece home as a badge.

Time: 6-10 pm

Place: Amaliegadeporten

Create your own notebook

It is a well-known procedure as a designer to travel with a notebook. Notebooks have been filled with inspiration from around the World. Shapes, colors, patterns have been collected to take home and transformed into new design.

Stop by and create your own notebook to bring on your next travel.

Time: 6-10 pm

Place: Banquet Hall

Create your own poster

Travel posters inspire us to see the world. Perhaps towards warmer places or polar bears and icebergs. By airplane, train, car or bicycle. Where do you want to go?

Create your own poster by using different techniques and styles inspired by the collection at Designmuseum Danmark.

Time: 6-10 pm

Place: Design workshop

The world of arts and crafts - tour

Our experts will take you on a trip through the exhibition Creme de la creme and show some of the extraordinary pieces from around the World. Big white porcelain birds from Meissen, a huge tapestry with animals and pieces by Gauguin and Matisse inspired by the culture and colors of Polynesia.

Time: 7-7.30 pm + 8-8.30 pm

Participants: + 12 years

Meeting point: Entrance hall

(30 people max. First come, first served)

Nomad objects: Talk by Ida Nicolaisen

The lives of nomads are ever changing and challenges our way of thinking. The different tribes have a great knowledge of the climate and animals surrounding them but are otherwise quite different.

Ida Nicolaisen talks about the Tuareg people and how their way of life influences their homes and objects.

Time: 9-9.45 pm

Participants: + 12 years

Place: Library

Be a gold digger

At the museum the jewelry designers Goldfingers will create a workshop for digging gold. Learn how to separate stone and clay from gold and silver and bring your treasure home.

Goldfingers focus specially on fair trade and ethics regarding to materials and working conditions.

Time: 6-10 pm

Place: Next to the Design workshop 

Klint Café and the four corners of the world

Klint Café will be serving exotic dishes from around the World and wines from less known and interesting places.

The kitchen will be open: 6-10 pm

From 10-12 pm the café will only serve coffee, cake and avec.